About the Course

The Online school is a theoretical and practical introduction to Network science. Students will learn the basic concepts and methods to analyze and understand complex networks, starting with the fundamentals of network science, and culminating with the latest applications in infrastructure resilience, physiological networks and the microbiome.

The school brings together some of the current leaders in the field, all part of the Bar-Ilan Network Science Center team. Students will learn about the universal language describing social, biological and technological systems:

    • Basic applications of graph theory to modern scientific challenges.
    • What makes networks robust and resilient.
    • How to model interdependencies between networks.
    • How do information (and epidemics) spread in complex networks.
    • State-of-the-art applications from brain to power systems.

About Bar-Ilan

Bar-Ilan University is Israel’s second-largest academic institution, and is, in fact, Israel’s fastest-growing institution of higher education. Its inviting, and continuously expanding campus is located in the Tel-Aviv district. The Departments of Physics and Mathematics are known for their leadership role in Complex Systems, hosting several world leading researchers in these fields.

Specifically, Bar-Ilan University is a leader in Network Science, which has become indispensable in many disciplines and is a key element in data-driven research. The broad spectrum of tools of Physics permits us to address data-science on many scales, starting with data gathering and analysis, and ending with data based modeling and applications.

Recorded Videos

From Single Network to Networks of Networks
Prof. Shlomo Halvin

To download this video click here

Random Graphs – the mathematical framework behind network science
Dr. Simi Haber

To download this video click here

Resilience of Complex Networks
Prof. Reuven Cohen

To download this video click here

Network Dynamics – Stability, Resilience and Signals Propagation
Dr. Baruch Barzel

To download this video click here

Targeted Attacks on Interdependent Networks
Dr. Amir Bashan

To download this video click here

Network Physiology: Mapping Interactions between Complex Physiological Systems
Dr. Ronny Bartsch

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